Cuda returns zero status

sam langley
sam langley
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i installed the cuda drivers to start utilizing this and i keep getting the error
task ##### exited with zero status but no finished file

what do i need to do to fix?

Gundolf Jahn
Gundolf Jahn
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Cuda returns zero status

That is no error message. The real error is:

[13:12:40][7791][ERROR] Error creating CUDA FFT plan (error code: 2)
[13:12:40][7791][ERROR] Demodulation failed (error: 1011)!
[13:12:40][7791][WARN ] CUDA memory allocation problem encountered!
------> Returning control to BOINC, delaying restart for at least five minutes...
------> If this problem persists you should consider aborting this task.

Either your GPU hasn't enough memory at all to process the ABPS tasks or there's something stuck in the graphics memory.

Since you have recently finished some of those tasks, I think it's the latter. Try if a reboot solves the problem.


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