BoincSpy 1.2.0 now available.

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1.2.0 6-Feb-2006 ( Super Bowl Release )

1. Add ability to download the BoincSpy Zip file if the application detects that a new version is available.
2.Changed Project Mapping URL. Get it from the boinc application.
3.Support BOINC Version 5.3.x

NOTE: BY default the download directory will be set to the %TEMP% environmental variable. To change this location goto the setting menu and select the Software Updates tab.

Found in the usual spot.


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BoincSpy 1.2.0 now available.

Still too bad it needs MS dotNET 2.0
.NET 1.1 is already quite a hog on the system, so why the need for this, Bob?

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.net2.0 is shinier, and MS is

.net2.0 is shinier, and MS is giving the express (student) versions away for free until next fall as a promotionaly gimic. Learning a new tool while doing something useful is probably the primary motivation for language choice.

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