BOINC & Einstein for high school science project?

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RE: You might want to

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You might want to wander over to LHC as well. There's a thread in Number Crunching where the admins were asking if there were any teachers.

I posted and another person posted, but nothing back from admin yet.

I only just saw your post. I can't seem to get on LHC at the moment though :(

Just the other day I told my A level students to sign up for here and LHC as the projects were so interesting. I also told them that there were lots of very clever friendly physicists here who would help them with their physics if you suddenly get inundated by questions about compound pendulums you know who to blame.

Physics is for gurls!

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RE: Thanks again for all

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Thanks again for all the incites and help. I've started my project now:

One other note. Before the end of school you might want to check and set all the computers to Get No New Tasks. that way there wouldn't be a bunch of loose workunits hung out by other crunchers waiting to be validated by the schools computers which are off for the break.

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