Boinc-Client doesn't find GPU after a reboot and refuses to accept commands

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RE: ... still having probs'

... still having probs' with an upgrade, any recommendations or hints, Ubuntu software centre is still only offering my current version and terminal tells me it is the current/up to date one. Again thanks.

You have a number of options but you need to take a bit of care in following advice you might receive. Each Linux distro has it's own particular method of packaging BOINC so you can't just take the latest version from Berkeley and 'install' it because it wont have all the supporting 'infrastructure' that the package maintainers have put into the distro version. If you know what you are doing, you can create your own 'infrastructure' but this requires a degree of work on your part.

I don't know anything about Ubuntu - I've never tried it - but I'd be fairly confident that there would already be people who have created a workable (but perhaps unofficial) package for the new BOINC version. Have you tried asking the question on one of their forums? That would be your best option. In any case, I don't think there is any urgent reason to upgrade from 7.0.65 to the latest version. You could easily wait for an official package to appear. If you request it nicely enough, you may even help speed things up :-).

For your original message, you chose to use an existing thread rather than start your own. You should do that only if your question/problem is related to the topic of the existing thread which in this case was a GPU failing to be properly detected. When I first read your message, I wondered if you were having problems with GPU detection, rather than something else - but apparently not :-).


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Thanks for all the advice and

Thanks for all the advice and hints guys, I'll stick with my current version of boinc for the time being and wait for an official update, but at least my old box is crunching happily, again many thanks for your help, Digger.

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