Boinc CC 4.26

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New development version of Boinc CC was released.

Does somebody have info what has changed to 4.25?

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Boinc CC 4.26

> New development version of Boinc CC was released.

But don't forget the disclaimer:
Beware of the bugs!

Its dev-stuff, possibly buggy, may do bad things, use at own risk (risc?) ;)

Grüße vom Sänger

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> New development version of

> New development version of Boinc CC was released.
> Does somebody have info what has changed to 4.25?

BOINC Client 4.26 released for Windows, Linux, and Solaris.

Howdy gang,

This release is mostly geared toward the *nix crowd. We only took
two fixes that affect Windows directly, and both of them are geared toward
localization. Both localization changes were to support Japanese.

I'll be announcing the localization change on boinc_loc after
sending this email.

Charlie Fenton is going to be leading the direction of the Mac
client software for a few weeks; he helped out with the original S at H client.
I think his expertise in Mac development is going to bring the client up to
par with the Windows experience, if not surpass the Windows experience.

Anyways, keep up the great work, aside from a lot of people not
liking the new UI; I think the general deployment went rather well. We
couldn't have done it without your help.

----- Rom

Here is the list of changes:
- Bug Fix: Adjust the tail options for Linux with regards to
the self extracting archive script
- Add some additional log spew to display the daemon configuration
option and a note if the detected configuration doesn't support
- Bug Fix: Change the state refresh functionality from an OnIdle event
to a specific timer event since on some platforms the on timer
event is called really often.
- Core client: if a project is anonymous-platform,
don't require that main programs be marked as executable
- Bug Fix: Remove the check to see if we have any projects already
defined or not, before promting the user for project information.
This keeps the client from getting stuck when being launched as a
daemon on the *nix machines.
- Bug Fix: Instead of relying on the wxWidget framework for UI
updates for various menu items, move the update code to the
OnFrameRender function so we don't eat CPU in what seems
to be a busy loop. It seems for platforms other than Windows
the Idle event is fired for each iteration of a message pump
check where no other events were processed. On Windows their
is an actual message sent by the OS called WM_IDLE which is
used by wxWidgets.
- Cleanup a few asserts that were happening under Linux and not
- Bug Fix: refactor the status bar code so that it is a derived
class of wxStatusBar and then set it to be the status bar, which
in turn fixes the status bar creation bug on platforms other
than Windows in which the status bar text and bitmaps were
having their top and left values be set to 0,0.
- Bug Fix: Allow the proper translation of the status bar for languages
that change the ordering of works depending on context.
- Bug Fix: Include a meta tag in the task pane that specifies that the
task pane should be UTF8.

73 de Peter VK3AVE

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still no graphics available

still no graphics available with this CC 4.26!
(only EAH and pirates@home "show graphic": don't work!)

greetz from Switzerland

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