Belated validation

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I recently had a "validation inconclusive" on The other task for the WU had the same status. The WU was assigned to a third computer which just reported its result and now ALL THREE tasks are listed as validated. Did something in the validation criteria change? If not, why didn't the two results agree before?

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Belated validation


I'm guessing now (I'll look it up after the weekend) but I think this can happen in rare cases.

Think about an app that is supposed to return, as its result, a number between 0.0 and 10.0 , and to valididate, both results have to agree within 0.1 (absolute difference for simplicity) .

Result A reports 6.4
Result B report 6.51

Difference is 0.11 ... too bad, difference is too big, both results are inconclusive,

Result C comes in at 6.45

Hmmm...what now?

Result C would now validate against both A (difference 0.05) and B (difference 0.06). So Result C will become the "canonical" result (the result that will be provided as the science result for that task). As a matter of fairness, both other results will be granted the full credit as well, because both validate against the canonical result, and credit should not depend on the order of (say) who reports first.

I think that is kind of fair and logical.


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