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Mike Hewson
Mike Hewson
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RE: ...... I often take

...... I often take quite a while to compose responses .....

Same here Gary. :-)

Cheers, FNQ Correspondent

I have made this letter longer than usual because I lack the time to make it shorter. Blaise Pascal

Gary Roberts
Gary Roberts
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For the uninitiated, FNQ

For the uninitiated, FNQ stands for Far North Queensland. It's a very appealing place to go in the middle of a southern hemisphere winter but at this time of year it's a haven for 'mad dogs and englishmen' who want to go out in the midday sun :-).

Maybe he'll be lucky enough to escape the monsoon weather if that hasn't started yet :-).

Getting back on topic, I've now discovered an interesting feature of how the new message composition system works. This time, I replied to the thread, rather than to a specific message. Lo and behold, I now have the complete thread at my disposal so I could inspect all previous messages and cut and paste snippets from any, to my heart's content. I guess there's an unmistakable logic to this :-).

So, from now on I'm likely to do a lot of 'responding to the thread'. All I need somewhere on the side is a little text box that says, "Insert message number here if you want your reply to link to a particular existing message" :-).


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