Average credit ?

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Look at these two computers:


The first is an in-use PC that produces 1 finished WU every day and a half or so. The second is a dead PC that hasn't done any work since 2nd June. When it was working, it did one WU every 2-3 days.

Despite this the recent average credit of the dead PC is still 41.98, not much lower than the active one's 57.65. Something looks wrong with the calculation of recent average credit to me.

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Average credit ?

the recent average credit of the dead PC is still 41.98

See the Wiki on RAC. Short version - it's recalculated ONLY when a result is returned. If the PC is "dead", then it's RAC will forever be 41.98, unless the project manually runs a "cleanup" routine. The third-party stats sites calculate RAC based on the XML feed and not on the value stored in the database, so they will (probably) show zero for this PC by now.

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