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RE: RE: ...while on

...while on vacation...

Better go back on vacation, before I warn Mrs Mikey that you're refusing to relax again. ;-)

Oh she was sleeping when I posted, so it is okay.


isn't there a line in one of the app_info or cc_config files that tells it to use gpu 0 and not to use gpu 1 for a certain project?

No, not for a certain project. As Gundolf said, one doesn't tell BOINC through cc_config.xml what to do per project. The file is the core client configuration file, not the project configuration file.

What you're thinking about is the option to disable certain GPUs, like 1, which will ignore the second ATI device in the system (device counting starts from zero, 0), or 1 for its Nvidia counterpart.

Then you could run with two clients on one system, using the --allow_multiple_clients flag on the BOINC executable, and tell one of them to be attached to Einstein only and use GPU 1 (0) and the other to be attached to Collatz and to use GPU 2 (1).

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