Apologises to wingmen

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[B^S] madmac
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My computer just when kaput, think the power unit went again that is 2 in 18 months

Gary Roberts
Gary Roberts
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Apologises to wingmen

If it's just the PSU and no other damage, you could be running again quite quickly and not have to be concerned about deadlines. In any case, there's no need for apologies as the system will take care of this in due course.

Two PSUs failing so quickly is a bit of a concern. Your 8 core machine does use quite a bit of power so you should check if the unit you have been using is up to the job. What brand is the PSU and how much current is it rated for on the 12V rail? Will you replace it yourself or do you get a tech to do those sort of things?


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All of mine gave me the

All of mine gave me the lifetime warranty as long as I registered them with the company.

I only had one fail that was less than a year old but they sent me a new one.

750 and 850 watt versions from Ultra X

I even have used them to plug the power in from video cards from separate computers when one just had a stock PSU

Have had one running like that over a year now so I could plug a Geforce 650Ti in without replacing the stock PSU that runs the MB

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