Animated movie about neutron stars, pulsars, and continuous gravitational waves

Join us on a journey into the depths of our Galaxy with an animated movie about neutron stars, pulsars, and continuous gravitational waves! This new video was created by Dr. M.A. Papa's research group that deploys the Einstein@Home gravitational wave searches. It will take you through our Galaxy to a very special type of star: a neutron star. Rapidly rotating neutron stars are the main target of Einstein@Home because of their continuous gravitational wave emission. Detecting these waves will be a new tool for astrophysical investigations. Enjoy the movie!


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interesting, thanks!

interesting, thanks!

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In 1970 while at Mondadori

In 1970 while at Mondadori Publishing House I published and article by prof. Peter G.Bergmann on recent researches in General Relativity. His article ended with the prediction  that researches in General Relativuty would join researches in elementary particle physics to become the bleeding edge of physics. He was right.

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That is awesome this type of

That is awesome this type of information is well appreciated, it said that you learn something new everyday. and I just did thank you.

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Excellent work.  Thank

Excellent work.  Thank you.


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Fantastic! It's really nice

Fantastic! It's really nice to see the work of thousands of computers put into a 'visual' of the whole. Thank you very much for this video.

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Great video!   Which

Great video!


Which subproject of Einstein@home searches for those gravitational waves caused by the "hill" on the neutron star? Is it just the "O3 All Sky"-subproject or are there other ones?

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Oh I did enjoy the

Oh I did enjoy the movie.

Just wondering if the pulsars highlighted in the Milkyway were those that the project has discovered.

They were a nice extra visual touch at the conclusion of the movie.

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Benjamin Knispel
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Cameron schrieb: Just

Cameron wrote:

Just wondering if the pulsars highlighted in the Milkyway were those that the project has discovered.

No, those pulsars were just added at scientifically plausible position that hat nothing to do with the Einstein@Home discoveries.

In fact, it can be quite hard to exactly determine the distance to pulsars, so the exact position is usually not known. For radio pulsars, the distance is usually determined from the amount of dispersion (high-frequency radio waves arrive earlier than low-freqency waves) in the received radio pulses. This dispersion tells us the summed free electron density along the line of sight. Models of this electron density in our Galaxy then allow us to estimate the distance. But since these models have uncertainties the distances can also be off by tens of percent.


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