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"Conclusion: The Pentium 4

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"Conclusion: The Pentium 4 Must Go (alternatively: Kill The Pentium 4!) "

Good idea...

However at this point why buy either? The AMD64 is faster, less expensive and 64bit. For REAL cheap, you can't beat the new 90nm Semprons.

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I think that the P4 needs to

I think that the P4 needs to be reworked. If you have a deep wallet the Pentium is faster than the Athlon 64 is some aspects. In games it had no problems running with the FX-55. Just waiting for the Pentium to be ported to desktop, then AMD might have an extremely foritable foe.

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Buying a chip and a

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Buying a chip and a motherboard to similar performance would cost about double for the Pentium-M, but you'd make the difference back and more on the power bills if you run it 24/7. That is power for the chip plus power for the fan to cool it plus power supply losses in the bigger power supply you'll need with the P-4.

A couple more thoughts on power costs.

If you have thermostatically controlled heating then during the times the heat is in use the computer costs

- zero to run if you use electric heating (you simply use the P4 as a room heater with E:H as a free side effect)

- less than the nominal power cost if you use other fuel for space heating, due to the fuel saved.

If you have thermostatically controlled air conditioning, then whatever power costs you figure for the difference between the P4 and the P-M need to be multiplied by a figure to count the cost of pumping that heat out of the room.

You supply heat from the Pentium instead of from the heater.

If you have non-electric heating, then the cost is reduced by some amount dependent on


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