Albert with 4 people doing the work?

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I've got an albert that was assigned to and completed by 4 people instead of the normal three.

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Albert with 4 people doing the work?

9 Jan 2006 13:45:58 UTC 26 Jan 2006 14:26:20 UTC Over Success Done 25,683.17 73.32 73.32
23 Jan 2006 14:00:32 UTC 26 Jan 2006 23:21:03 UTC Over Success Done 13,558.09 95.20 73.32

As you can see the 4th one went out after the due time, but the 3rd one made it back before the 4th one, so all got credit.

The third one was due 23-Jan-2006 13:45:58. The 4th one went out 23-Jan-2006 14:00:02. The 3rd one returned 26-Jan-2006 14:26:20, and the 4th one returned 26-Jan-2006 23:21:03.

That person sending them in late may not have that chance every time.

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yes, that is exactly right

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yes, that is exactly right PoohBear.

You get credit if either or both of the following apply

- you get the work back in time for the deadline you were set

- you get the work back before the original quorum was formed

The reason for the second rule is to give people credit where the result they retunr does make a difference. In this case the result, tho late, did allow the wu to be validated and a canonical result found to pass back to the scientists.

You will also see cases where the fourth result has been prepared, but the late result comes in before the fourth result is sent out. In those cases the late result certainly deserves credit as the fourth result is marked 'Not Needed' and is not issued.

Here, the fourth result was stictly speaking not needed, but it seemed to be needed at the time it was issued. It would be obviously unfair to deny credit to the cruncher who got the work back within the deadline they had been given.

If the fourth result had come back before the late result, then the late result would have been denied credit for being both late and no longer useful.

The usual case for an Albert result is that the first three results all get back for the deadline. Then both rules apply. You only get the credit once tho ;-)

Thanks DanNeely for pointing out a perfect example - a canonical exmple we might say - of the credit rules in a les common situation.



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