Abort WU

[SG-FC] sirflow
[SG-FC] sirflow
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I wanted to ask if there is a way to abort a WU leaving some usefull data for the project or is everything lost when I abort?
I have to shut down my computer for a while so it won't make the deadline.



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Abort WU


you are right. If you abord a task, the same task will get send to an other computer. You have to run it to 100% to get the credit and the results.
It will just show up as aborded with some cpu-time but still have to be send to an onther pc.
I did it just to show you. I didn't had a wingman jet, so nobody has to wait for there credit.http://einsteinathome.org/workunit/122882060

Bernd Machenschalk
Bernd Machenschalk
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You should set the project to

You should set the project to "no new tasks" (or "no more work" or whatever), then abort the tasks, then "update" the project for a final time to let the server know that you aborted these.

Otherwise the tasks will just be "lost" and only be resent after the deadline.



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