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> Will F@H be using a

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> Will F@H be using a different credit system that could be displayed on the
> stats, a bit like S@H II credits and S@H I wu's ? So long as users can see
> how much work they've done (and be able to display them) it may bring back a
> number of people who would otherwise prefer a fully BOINC compliant project.

It's not decided yet afaik.
There are imho two possibilities:
1. Put up a totally different statistic for Boinc, and no connection between native and Boinc stats.
2. Put up a double stats for Boinc, one with the old points for competition within FAH, and one for the XML for the Boinc cross project competition.

> I got exactly 28 credits for a 10 hours wu with folding@home on boinc, while
> I get approx. 30 for a 2h seti-wu.

Their points are derived from a WU crunched on a benchmark puter, and are a bit like those for CPDN: precalculated, but representative for the flops. If your values are the average, a conversion factor of 4.2 will be fine, but I think one WU is not sufficient to average ;)

For any BOINC-testers that haven't looked at the faq, in Folding@home a wu is now benchmarked with SSE2 disabled on a p4-2.8 GHz non-HT. How many days a wu took, daysPerWU, decides credit and deadlines after these formulas:

credit = 110 * daysPerWU
timeout = 20 * (daysPerWU) + 2
deadline = max(30* (daysPerWU) + 2,10)

(I 'stole' this from a post over there ;)

Grüße vom Sänger

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