In a ‘Dark Dimension,’ Physicists Search for the Universe’s Missing Matter

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An idea derived from string theory suggests that dark matter is hiding in a (relatively) large extra dimension. The theory makes testable predictions that physicists are investigating now.

Will they verify this in next future? It would be great! And it would be a first proof of String Theory, too, as I know.

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Mike Hewson
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Interesting. Massive

Interesting. Massive gravitons, hidden under the rug as it were, can explain some gross features of gravity. This has roots in, say, Lisa Randall's works with off-brane gravity. They propose tests : in the small and in the large. A micron scale extra dimension hasn't heretofore been ruled out as no one has succeeded in validating gravity at that scale. So cue some new investigations! That is of merit.

So yes, String Theory may not be unmeasurable rubbish after all.

I do wonder if someone has looked at the thermodynamics of this as well. After all a modest ( but not huge ) extra degree of freedom ought be utilised by ( gravitation & gravitationally linked ) processes to change the statistics of particle ensembles.

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