The Church of Lager - Antipodean Chapter

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  • Country: New Zealand
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  • Founder: St.Jammy@Home
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A long time ago in a pub far, far away.... The <b><i>Church of Lager</i></b> was born. The culmination of the extensive and eclectic musings of a bunch of like-minded individuals or pissheads ;-) including our brave and illustrious leader, His Holiness <i>Pope Pussy I</i>. The noble & honourable <i>Beer Baron of the Knights Beer</i>. The thoughtful <i>Bishop of Baarth & Wells</i>. Sisters' <i>Ravy Nympho</i> and <i>Psychotica</i> of the <b>Sisters of Cider</b>. The amiable <i>Father Ted</i> and my good self, <i>Saint Jammy of the Order of Git</i>.

Since those hedonistic days of the early-90's, things have changed - for all of us. First, we are <i>much</i> older! Second, we’re greyer. (Hair dye helps!) Third, we’re stouter! Oh! So much stouter! And finally, we are suffering all those aches and pains that older folks normally get but our parents failed to tell us about since we got older! Bah!

 So if you are running BOINC and don't belong to a team, or even if you do - join me, <i>Saint Jammy</i>, and become a member of the <b><i>Antipodean Chapter</i> of the Church of Lager</b>.

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