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Were our computations useful for this detection?
17th June 2016
Congratulations and greetings from all crunchers from Russia (and all members of "Russia" DC team)!
9th January 2013
Ð’Ñ. 19 февр. 2012 09:24:31 | Einstein@Home | Resetting project Ð’Ñ. 19 февр. 2012 09:24:35 | Einstein@Home |...
19th February 2012
Hi all! Which apps should I uncheck in "Run only the selected applications" section of preferences edition page to...
3rd December 2009
Quote:hello, I work with Boinc 6.4.5 (windows xp-32bit version) and it runs great. I bought windows 7 (64bit version...
12th November 2009