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Rytis commented on new BOINC AddOn
What is it for? I didn't want to download the program that is totally unknown. It even hasn't it's purpose described....
21st January 2005
Those units may have computation errors (and i think they really have :)), and once they are validated they will be marked...
16th January 2005
If only I was a PHP programmer... But PERL is a bit different :)
13th January 2005
Rytis commented on Killer WU
> If you really want to use the Alpha version, you may as well keep it > up-to-date -
12th January 2005
Rytis commented on Killer WU
I am using 4.56 client :) And it doesn't seem to me that it is a download error, as it processes approx 15% of WU, and...
12th January 2005