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Yes, my computer with RTX2070 failed also. Worked for some weeks without problems, then starts to fail at WU-Startup. All...
13th December 2018
Quote: ............. As on reboot Windows XP decided to chkdsk my boot drive, and found a couple of screens of errors...
14th May 2008
I've lost 4 Hardrives after 2.5 ~3.5 Years, all 3,5" Samsung IDE (120-160GB) in the 24/7 Crunchers. No Smart Failure,...
13th February 2008
Why is the problem not solved? Another WU with result inkompability:
12th June 2007
Are the results of Windows 4.13 and Linux 4.14 inkompatible? I found the following two:
1st May 2007